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The general calendar story is very complex. In prehistorical time people observed sun and moon and stars. From those observances came calendars; Solar, Lunar and Solar-Lunar calendars. Our, and most used, is the solar calendar. Working with the Chinese Ba Gua I thought about combining that with a calendar. So, the Ba Gua Seasonal Calendar was born. It's based on the CYCLIC Ba Gua, that Ba Gua in which I placed the trigrams in a RAINBOW chronology. Using the circle, it's not difficult to get an impression of how the trigrams relate to the seasons.
We place the hottest day on 15 july 2017, in the centre of Summer. That will be "Fire 45 2017". The season is two months of 45 days each, making it 90 days long in total. The calendar starts with Heaven(second month of spring); that will be 16 april 2017. So, the Summer consists of the two months Fire and Wind. Then the other seasons are Autumn= Lake and Earth; Winter= Water and Thunder; and Spring= Mountain and Heaven. Realise that the hottest, most Yang, day, is opposite of the coldest, most Yin, day. Realise that Summer is Yang, Autumn is Yang/Yin, Winter is Yin, and Spring is Yin/Yang. Thinking of the four forms, we'll say: Summer is Great Yang, Autumn is Little Yang, Winter is Great Yin, and Spring is Little Yin. A calculation shows us that eight months of 45 days gives, 4 times 90= 360 days. Five missing days; four are added between the seasons, and one between the years, and 1 in the four year extra between the years, the leap day of the leap year. There are eight days in the week (corresponding to the trigrams also). So far, the description. What's the use of this calendar? Try to CONVERT a Gregorian day (of the Gregorian calendar) into a day of the seasonal calendar and get some insight in the relation with the trigrams. How? Today is nine january 2017, Water 40 2017. It's winter. That month has 45 days, then comes the Thunder month, starting on 15 january, with a duration of also 45 days, plus one extra, is 46 days. That's the end of winter. Then starts the Spring with mountain 1 (2 march).
All days have an Yang/Yin ratio. And all days have a mirror-day. The mirror-day is the day with a same Yang/Yin ratio. The point of reference is the hottest or coldest day. So, the mirror-days have the same distance to either (15 juli) Fire 45, or (15 january) Water 45.

P.s. Above calendar is Netherlands based; archetypical seen it should be usable in any place on Earth. The trigrams, in the RAINBOW chronology, are used to divide the year. The trigram is active in a certain part of the year; it corresponds to images and happenings. So, although the trigram/ARCHETYPE is the same, the IMAGES and happenings can be different in a certain country. What should be the same everywhere is the circle, division by trigrams in rainbow chronology, Heaven on top, Earth down, correct names of the trigrams, 45 days per month/trigram, eight months, 365 days total in the year, plus leap day once in the four year, week with eight days. Different: seasons. Also realise that I'm not a calendar expert; have some fun!

BrahmAhUM Water 45 2017

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