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8-16 March 2014

Often has been said that there is not a lot of literature about intuition. I would not say that. I rather would say: "People are not very conscious about intuition". Don't expect that I'm going to publish here only predictable information. I have a real shocker for you. And I'm not going to beat about the bush. I think that intuition is being suppressed by extraterrestrial beings. Some of you will smile now. I think, that if some scientists would take my article serious it could even be scientifically proved. I'm going to give you the right info about intuition. Pay attention!
First we have to know that there are eight dimensions. Best known are the four visible dimensions. But there are also the four invisible dimensions. These eight dimensions correspond to the eight senses of human beings. You have four material senses and four energetic senses. What you call intuition is actually two senses. One is yang and one is yin. Yang intuition is "head intuition". Yin intuition is "belly intuition" or "gut feeling". In the Master’s Thesis for Women’s Spirituality of the Philosophy and Religion Department of the School of Consciousness and Transformation of California Institute of Integral Studies, called: "The Saga of Vanadís, Völva and Valkyrja", Images of the Divine from the Memory of an Islandic Woman, by Valgerður Hjördís Bjarnadóttir we read:
"Methodological statement:
I am a woman. My method of working with information is to gather it into the creative space of my womb, along with the seed of inspiration, carry it and nurture it consciously and unconsciously until it is ready to be born, woven in words and images, movements and magic. I am a dreamer. Into and out of my womb, my dreaming space, I gather my information. The gathering for this work has been through the written word, the myths and stories left to us from our ancestors, and those gathered by visionary searching women and men of today and yesterday. I gather information and inspiration from the spoken word of people, women and men still living in touch with our ancestry, women and men weaving a new vision into and out of our modern culture. As seeds of inspiration and understanding I make use of my own and other’s dreams and visions of that ancestry, the auður(1) still living in another dimension, demanding to be re-membered. Attempting not to destroy the mystery of the magical paradox, my method has been dreaming it while and after the gathering. From there I have woven it into form, touched by the magical mystery of myth, of history, ideas and dreams brought from the ancestors, to become a new vision for my future, a new earth rising from the sea of forgetfulness. It is my hope that this web can be a saga or even a seiður for those who want to remember, those who still can remember that they are born of woman, those seeking female images of the divine. To me this process has been inevitable, my woman’s way of working with knowledge can be no other. Like my ancestress Auður djúpúðga who sought a new land for her descendants and found the divine in the hills of that land and in the waves of the sea, I seek my auður in the spirit born out of those hills, out of the sea surrounding this land, out of nature, my ancestry, and the álfar and huldufólk11 (the hidden people), the dreaming nature. I seek it in the transforming conversations, in the darkness and in my womanness, thus seeking to balance the logic of the analyzed and written word. My epistemology, my way of knowing, is that of the dancing, dreaming, weaving, winged womb in loving embrace with the brain. It may be defined as the epistemology of the sacred marriage of the womb and brain, the egg and the seed or the Goddess and her lover. It is the epistemology of auður. I dance with the divine Vanadís and her gyðjur, the völva and the valkyrja. I move with örlög woven by the nornir, from feminist, mythical and mythological, historical, literary, etymological, archaeological, sociological, psychological, genealogical, spiritual, philosophical, political, lyrical, sacred, erotic and very personal emotional points of view."
This should suffice as a demonstration of the irrational psychological functions of intuition and feeling. See how she uses the terms 'womb and brain". Womb being feeling, opposite brain being thinking. Here united in marriage. But brain in abstracto is intuition. So you can see her description as a perfect description of her feeling and intuition. It looks like her description is much better than all scientific writings of males about intuition, most males being unconscious of it and clearly wrestling with the topic. So when I say : "People are not very conscious about intuition", you better substitute people with men. And by what should we substitute: "suppressed by extraterrestrial beings"? We will see. Back to our topic, intuition. Some called it the sixth sense. If seen as paranormal we now realise this means unconscious. Some call it third eye, some third ear. Tesla said, these two eyes must become one. Intuition is Heaven, belief, creativity, pure consciousness. I'm talking about the male, spiritual, "head intuition", of course. People, naturally, have an anxiety for change and becoming conscious. That translates to intuition being suppressed. By whom? Head intuition must be something like a king ruling the other senses. Then suppression would be the same as disobedience. Samuël 8-7: "And the LORD said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them." So, not believing is being unconscious. So, the amount of belief is the level of consciousness. Believing is being conscious of God. Intuition is an act of Creation.
Mozes as an example of male intuition
Adam is self, is God, is Lord. Snake is kundalini, becoming devil, misleading Eva, anima. Snake plus Eva becomes shadow. Adam plus sin becomes shadow. All being self, anima and shadow of Mozes. Mozes(Kain) regrets, changes his victim in a brother (Abel).
Mozes transcends; under influence of the Self, Mozes becomes leader. Egypt is Garden of Eden, Paradise where Adam and Eve, Israël, sinned. 40 years Sinaï is "Purgatoria". After Purgatoria you go to Heaven, is the Promised Land. Egypt was a mirror for Israël, Egyptians being very conscious. Mozes is a preconfiguration of the Lord. Adam=Elia=Mozes=Immanuël=God. Recognise thy God, Israël!
In general men are relatively unconscious of intuition. Devil is a man. God and devil is man. Man created God and devil according to his image. Man has a resistance against feminism, is a resistance against becoming conscious of his anima (female parts, mostly feeling). As long as man is unconscious, his image of God is false and incomplete. God and devil is Self and Shadow of man.
Elements of Bön, Chinese Five Fases and Ba Gua
Five element teachings is "false" and incomplete; it's a partial unconsciousness of men of the irrational functions, intuition and feeling, being conscious in women. In trigrams, Earth, is gut feeling, and, Mountain, is feeling. Btw., Thunder (Eros) is unconscious thinking. The five elements of Bön and Chinese Five Fases are actually four. Of Chinese elements, Wood (Wind), Fire, Earth, Water are real elements, but metal not, it belongs to Wind. In Bön, Earth, Water, Fire and Air (Wind) are real elements, but space is not. Space possibly corresponds with emptiness and pure consciousness. If Space, Emptiness, Dharmakaya is Heaven you would have a fifth "element". But compared to the Ba Gua, with eight parts, three elements would be still missing. Let's analyse that further. We have Fire (visual perception) and Wind (thinking), the rational functions, conscious in men and here. No Heaven (intuition) and Lake (Feeling), the irrational functions, unconscious in men and here. We do have Earth (gut feeling) and Water (auditory perception), partial conscious here. No Thunder (Eros, unconscious thinking) and Mountain (Feeling), unconscious here. China: Metal->Lungs->Air->Wind->Psyche, possible indication of onesidedness. Bön: Space->Emptiness->Wind->Psyche, possible indication of onesidedness. Eros in Chinese religion and Bön looks relatively repressed and unconscious. This looks like a male onesidedness. This onesidedness, in this case, corresponds with unconsciousness of intuition and feeling. Here ends the analysis. I know this all looks very technical and nothing is 100 % sure. It's also a little bit preliminary. But, it is simpatico with others findings.

Back to the Islandic Völva, mentioned earlier, above. In the same book, she says:
"...I want to take an active part in finding a way to a new balance in the world of humans, and for the rest of nature, which is so endangered by our human imbalance."
Teachings about balance can be "false" too. Maybe choosing of Yang is more important than balance, like using the bol for harmony.
Although men and women are both the same humans they are differentiated; their difference in numbers is: man is two becoming one and woman is one becoming two. Man is systole and woman is diastole; man is introvert and woman is extravert. Women have better intuition and feeling, men have better sense and thinking. If two becomes one, men see better(one image), if one becomes two, women hear better(stereo).
Integration, becoming whole and healing is not a matter of balance persé. I think it's more a matter of worth. If we have a balance, with on one side iron and on the other side gold; if the weight is the same, the worth can be different. Maybe it's all a matter of illusions. Eight sort of illusions, corresponding with the eight senses. Be careful, the world is a room full of mirrors. But a mirror can be useful. When people are each others mirrors it raises their consciousness. Men can be a mirror for women. Then women can have their own points for revolution. When revolutionary men have their freedom, then women can have their diversity, when men have their equality, women can have their adaptation, when men have their common sense, then women can have their love, when men have their brotherhood, then women can have their rest.

(1) qualities and paradoxical essence of the divine.
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