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Foto One became many,
There is no coming or going,
"All" are here,
What you do to others, you do to yourself.

Although knowing, we still have problems. Although knowing we still suffer. Stop doing! Realize this world is not real. Dissolve all emotions into clear space-like pure consciousness. Observe them, without associating on them. Also, if you have a problem, throw it away immediately, at once. throw away the knot-bol.

All humans are equal. #Caste means different level of development. Higher caste has the moral duty to help lower caste.Discrimination should be avoided. It leads to negative karma and future ordeal. Helping creates good karma and leads to liberation.

Eat, drink and act without lust; focus on Heaven only, be steadfast. Stay detached from earthly, material, bodily and sexual things. Do not identify with the body.You are eternally unstained. While dissolving emotions into clear space-like pure consciousness, you stay blissful and peaceful. Om Shanti Ananda Hung.

To restore natural #order, you need harmony, balance, symmetry or equality and unity.That means: harmony of Heaven and Earth, balance of Fire and Water, equality of Wind and Thunder and oneness of Lake and Mountain. This restoring is called: The way of the Light.

Do not identify with body and mind.
Stay AWARE! Concentrate!
From Heaven(Brama) comes the vigor(Shiva) , comes concentration(Vishnu), comes :-) bliss(Krishna) :-)
Be AWARE without emotions and without asking questions.
Be steadfast in being AWARE :-)
The way of Light = The way of AWARENESS :-)
Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu and Krishna are the different forms and colors of AWARENESS.
The way of AWARENESS is the alignment to the cycle of Creation, Kriya Yoga.

Ego's confession
Looking into the Eternal Mirror of Pure Consciousness, I blame and thank others, acting like a silly human. I better obey Heaven and take care of Mother Earth. Before going in the temple i take care of my garbage to get Mothers blessing :-)

The way of awareness, without identifications, is Creation.
"Heavenly Eternal Love" (of Sita) is above Dharma (of Rama) :-)

Looking at Shiva movie I thought:
Whenever a great person pops up on Earth, you should recognize yourself; such a person is your original state. That morality they practice, you have been build of. Also know that you are a kumara, an eternal childlike being.

Just a quick note on compassion. Om Namah Vishnua.
It all goes back to Buddha. Compassion is core in Buddhism of course. Compassion is a form and color of awareness. The form is like a tree. The color is golden yellow. So it's the Golden Tree.
When deluded, one lacks compassion. Compassion is common sense, Holy Spirit; one with (higher) love/agape (psyche). Compassion is born from the light/vigor of Shiva. From compassion comes bliss, enlightenment and liberation (Krishna). Avalokiteshvara is the Bodhisattva of compassion. Om Mani Padme Hung. Compassion is the Brahman Tree and bears the fruits of immortality.

You need love and compassion to go into the Kingdom of God. Remember the teaching of Shiva to Ramalinga/Vallalar. Helping people leads to liberation. The way of light/awareness leads to liberation. Compassion leads to liberation. Combine awareness with compassion. To stay aware you need concentration. That's attention. That's love and compassion=agape. All these things are like different images belonging to the same archetype of wind (spirit\Vishnu). These things strengthen each other.

Concerning rearing and compassion.
Best rearing is responsible rearing in which you make children independent (thinkers). How to integrate the insight of "being conscious only" into rearing? The child is in the natural state. Keep the child in that state. How? The "being conscious only" of the parent is the solution of this problem. From that "being conscious only" comes the right rearing.

Can a human be above the gunas?
It has been said that God is above the gunas.
Awareness is God. If a human is aware only, without sin, without (negative) emotions, without questions and without identifications (with human/person/body/mind), then you're above the gunas. As long as you are aware only, you're above the gunas.

Concerning lineages.
All lineages are one.
Two kinds of lineages; introvert and extravert.
Introvert more based on Brahman teaching and equal.
Extravert more based on Bhakti.
Four kinds of lineages;
great yang: above gunas.
little yang; sattvic, good lineage.
little yin; rajasic, lustful, emotional.
great yin; tamasic, ignorant.

Liberation and a cup of tea, in three parts.
Awareness of suffering, human and worship leads to liberation.
1. 8 causes of suffering.
2. Kasyapa.
3. Worship.

(4). Liberation.

Part one. Buddhas teachings: numbers 4 and 8.
Four pair, or, eight causes of suffering.
2 agression
3 ignorance
4 hyperactivity
6 carelessness
7 promiscuity
8 laziness

Part two : Kasyapa and offspring.
Deva-Human, Asura-Naga.
Two kinds of humanoids in Krishna Gita. Godly Human and Asura. So looks like these are aspects of the Human.
Deva is the Spirit part..
Asura is the shadow.
Naga is the animal (old, primitive) part.
Four forms:
Great Yang: Deva
Little Yang: Human
Little Yin: Naga
Great Yin: Asura

Part three. True worship is only a matter of awareness. From this comes practice, which is true worship of:
1 Brahma
2 Shiva
3 Vishnu
4 Krisha

1 Brahma-Saraswati : Obedience to Heaven, taking care of Mother Earth. Om Namah Brahmaya.
2 Shiva-Parvati : Dharma. Sun-Water morning worship; sun=Shiva=first son of Brahma. Om Namah Shivaya.
Om Namah Bhagavate Shivaya Cintamani Sat Purush Hung.
3 Vishnu-Lakshmi: Common sense. Core of religion= (always in the centre). Om Namah Vishnua.
4 Krishna-Radha is the goal. Bliss, enlightenment, liberation.
Hare Krishna...etc.
Only complete worship, four in one, makes whole :-)

What is Love?
1 Absolute: Creative Force (awareness).
2 Relative: Psyche (devotion-agape).
Love is Gods Creative Force (humans awareness) manifesting in the human world as Psyche (love-compassion=agape-devotion).
Four aspects of Love : force (Brahma), vigor (Shiva), spirit (Vishnu), bliss (Krishna).
These are the forms and colors of Love.

The Meaning and Four Aspects of EASTER and Resurrection (Purity-Liberation).
The Meaning;
Father in Heaven sends Son (of Light), brings down Babylon and brings the Kingdom of God (Bride).
The Four Aspects:
1 Awareness (God)
2 Purity (Easter)
3 Agape (Love-Compassion)
4 Liberation (Resurrection)

True Love and suffering.
1 How to love without suffering.
2 Purity.

1 How to love without causing suffering?
Love causes suffering when it is not pure. One should move away from lower lust-love. Convert Eros to Psyche. Then raise the level of that love-compassion to the Shiva Light-Love. Help people. Can we raise that to the level of Heavenly love?
Yes, because awareness is above the gunas. Aware, only, one changes into a wish child. If we use colors: Purple Eros is transformed into yellow Agape, level raised to orange Dharma, then into red Heavenly Love. This True Eternal Love, of God, heals, and even raises from the dead.

2 Purity
To love without suffering means, being pure, is true love. Focus on purity. Be aware only. That means being aware without identifying with the body and mind. That means that you are not the body-mind human-person. This expands Easter; it becomes Great Easter, Great Sabbat, the Kingdom of God. This is the restoring of natural order in the world. Helping others is the way to liberation. The help is not done, but a matter of consciousness only; Dharma raised to Heavenly Love, awareness. Purification dissolves negativity, raises level, stops identifications, makes whole, brings peace and bliss, Shanti-Ananda, enlightenment and liberation, Radha-Krishna :-) :-)

Brahma Sat Chit Ananda
Born from the Light,
Living in Spirit,
I blissfully return Home.

Learn to TRUST on God, with your intuition, which is obedience to Heaven; Learn to TRUST on the Son of God, with your sense, which is the practicing of Dharma; Learn to TRUST on the Holy Spirit, with your thinking, which is Devotion; Learn to TRUST on good humans, with your feeling, which is Friendship.

In the circle of Heaven origin and goal are the same.
Unawareness causes problems (disorder).
Awareness (purity) solves them (natural order).
Awareness is origin and goal.

The four pillars of Dharma:
1 Truth
2 Clarity
3 Compassion
4 Charity

If you want to be free,
then this is the key:
For every person there is the right thing to do,
and that will liberate you!

Concerning guidance:
1 To know (Brahma)
2 To recognize (Shiva)
3 To follow (Vishnu)
4 To receive (Krishna)

Awareness does not only refer to the intellectual, mental function of thinking, but all psychological functions; intuition, sense, thinking and feeling. So, if we speak about being aware only, that includes all forms and colors of it; integration of the psychological functions.

What does "now that we found love" mean?
People find love through meeting.
That love, if pure, is not different from God-Awareness, Creative Force. If you are aware you can give love. The Creative Force is experienced as love. If unaware you do not give love. Love-awareness can be transmitted to other beings. The more aware and pure you are, the better able of helping and guiding others.
The next part in the song is: what are we going to do, with it?
Love-awareness restores, heals, makes whole; it transcends all questions, it dissolves bad karma and overcomes sin. If you also stop identifying with human/person/body/mind, then you become a "wish-child", that can fulfill wishes. :-)

One God - One Love
The fear of Love, is the fear of becoming Aware.People often turn against loving persons, because they fear change, or becoming aware. Love is God, awareness, creative force. There is only one love, like there is only one God. The evil one tries to demonize creation, life and love. This is disobedience to Heaven, God, and acting against the Tao, or called sin. Overcome sin. Be aware and pure. Awareness dissolves negative emotions. Learn to love, learn to give. Overcoming the fear of love, be aware.

For those that are ready, here is the higher teaching: circumambulating the core of teachings we progress, we transcend. Keep on going around in a circle, until it forms a spiral, an upward spiral of transcendence, the spiral of creation, of awareness.

Dialogue - Awareness answers all questions.
Pupil: master, what if two persons have conflicting wishes?
Master: that's a good question. Looks like impossible to answer, but awareness can solve it.
Pupil: how master?
Master: If these two persons are aware they will not have conflicting wishes. Awareness dissolves any conflict.

I just realized, if you see the world as an illusion, then you're not aware.
Two persons in the desert and a fata morgana of an oasis. One says it's an illusion, it's not real; the other says it's a mirror image of a real oasis, must be somewhere near, let's search for it.
So, the world is a mirror image of the real world; where is the real world? Search for it :-)

Unfulfilled longings and wishes. Let it go!
Do you suffer? Promise yourself to let go anything that makes you suffer. If you long or wish for something that makes you suffer, then let it go. Think circle, visualize circle. Make things round. Circle means: origin and goal is the same. That which makes you suffer can liberate you (turn around). Longings, wishes, are a load you carry with you; throw it of! Let go, anything that makes you suffer. Promise yourself, say it: I promise that i will let go anything that causes suffering. If you really do that, you will feel immediately lighter. Turn away from that which makes you suffer.

Drink if you are thirsty, eat if you are hungry; Do not drink or eat if you're lustful. Longing and wishing is not good or bad out of itself, but interdependent. If you can not be without longing and wishing, then long and wish for Heaven.

IAUE - Praise God always !

Gods law and Mozes

These 10 laws are eight or four.
We project them on the Bagua.
Heaven-Earth: 1,2,3,5,8,9,10
Fire-Water: 6
Wind-Thunder: 7
Lake-Montain; 4
Obviously, the emphasis is on Heaven and Earth.
That means, according to Mozes, the cause of sin and suffering is, for the biggest part, disobedience to Heaven, God and Tao. For a small part greed.

All Glory to God !

IAUE - Praise God always !

Gods law, Mozes law, for now, and the future

The "new" law for all religions:

1. Obedience (to God. Heaven, Tao-now and future)
2. No killing (neither of human nor animal).
3. No adultery (now), no marriage (future).
4. No work (Non-doing-wu wei)

1. Truth
2. Life
3. Love
4. Bliss (and peace)

All Glory to God !

IAUE - Praise God always !

The four laws are one.
Obedience to Heaven God Tao.

That obedience is awareness, is, to be without law :-)

All Glory to God !

How helping of others liberates.
There are no happenings; everything is empty. You have been conditioned to think that you need happenings to be happy. When you started to walk upright, attention went outside, you lost yourself in the outer world, you became deluded (extravert). Realize that all experience is our own awareness. Be aware. Be happy, without happenings. Transmit this awareness to others. Raise consciousness. In that way we both act like two amplifiers. This resonance creates harmony. When this goes on for longer time, this helping of others leads to liberation (when the critical level of awareness is reached).

All humans are equal as humans. All true believers and good humans should be one, are equal. Do not force religion on someone else. Religion is not the goal, it's just an instrument.
Being good is the goal. All true believers and good humans are one family. Unite. Live in peace and bliss together.
Om Shanty Ananda Hung :-)

If we understand 1+1=2, we can live in peace together.
If we understand the difference between day and night, we can be good.
If we understand that all humans are equal, we can love.
If we understand these three are one, we are enlightened and liberated.

It's 3 juli 2018, Year of the dog, friendship. Time of solidarity, Mars (=Earth!)-Moon conjunction.

The Rainbow of Love - Creation

1 Red - Heavenly, Eternal Love
2 Orange - Attaching Love
3 Yellow - Devotional Love
4 Green - Friendly Love
5 Light Blue - Motherly Love
6 Dark Blue (indigo) - Caring Love
7 Violet, Purple - Erotic Love
8 Pink, Magenta - Sheltering Love

The four pairs, levels or aspects of Love

1 Fatherly and Motherly Love (red-blue) - Brahma-Saraswati
2 Attaching and caring Love (orange-indigo) - Shiva-Parvati
3 Devotional and Erotic Love (yellow-violet) - Vishnu-Laksmi
4 Friendly and Sheltering Love (green-pink) - Krishna-Radha

The four forms of Love (does not correspond with the above)

Great Yang Love - Pure Spiritual Love (two yang lines)
Little Yang Love - More Spiritual than Bodily Love (mixed)
Little Yin Love - More Bodily than Spiritual Love (mixed)
Great Yin Love - Pure Bodily Love (two yin lines)

The dualism of Love : Yin and Yang - male and female

One God - One Love
Love is an experience of the creative force, God, awareness.

Now, you can express your Love with the eight colors, be creative, have fun :-)

Before and after the end: Ayyappa, Krishna and Radha

Bhagavad Gita 2.63 and 2.64

BG 2.63: Anger leads to clouding of judgment, which results in bewilderment of the memory. When the memory is bewildered, the intellect gets destroyed; and when the intellect is destroyed, one is ruined.

"Anger" to much Fire (vigor), leads to "clouding (darkening) of judgement", delusion, non-seeing, which results in "bewilderment of the memory". So, to much fire, leads to, too much wind; which is a mental excitement, "the intellect gets destroyed", means, becomes disfunctional; "and when the intellect is destroyed, one (body) is ruined".

So, agression, violence leads to self-destruction, like we are burned by the scorching sun.
The fire and sun, here, means Shiva. The wind here means Vishnu.

BG 2.64: But one who controls the mind, and is free from attachment and aversion, even while using the objects of the senses, attains the Grace of God.

"But one who controls the mind", one that obeys Heaven, following Tao, "and is free from attachment and aversion", is free from greed (Earth) and disobedience (Heaven), "even while using the objects of the senses", living in this world as a human, "attains the Grace of God", attains bliss and peace (enlightenment and liberation).

So, when we are aware, we obey Heaven, God, Tao, and take care of Mother Earth. Then, while being here, we will have bliss and peace.
Bliss and Peace, here, means Krishna and Radha.

We looked at verses 2.63 an 2.64.
63 an 64 means, before and after the end, in the I Ching, Book of Changes.
Shiva and Vishnu (Mohini) means Ayyappa.

So could this mean? :
In the past we were unaware, disobedient to Heaven and greedy. Then came agression and violence and we became deluded.
Then Ayyappa was born from Shiva and Mohini (Vishnu). Now, worship of Ayyappa will lead to bliss, peace, enlightenment and liberation, Krishna and Radha.
Saranam Ayyappa !
Hare Krishna Hare Radha !

Wind-Vishnu-indirect visible-thinking
Lake-Krishna-temporary visible-feeling

About happiness and Brahmacarya using the concept of two truths.

1. Happiness
2. Brahmacarya

1. Happiness

I heard a sadguru on internet about happiness. Interesting. He said we can be happy independently from others. Wow! In the past i heard another guru saying that everything is interdependent. Huh? I thought, this is contradiction. I asked: "How to solve this contradiction? Answer: Awareness. If i replace both statements with awareness the contradiction will be gone. So thought, so done.
1. Everything is interdependent=awareness
2. Happy alone=awareness.
Ready :-)
1. Absolute truth (everything is one).
2. Relative truth (everything is separate).
1 and 2 are both true at the same time :-)
This is the concept of two truths of Buddha, the enlightened one. The difficulty is in the psychological orientation of the human, that has a tendency to think one-sided, causal or synchronistic. Thinking in unity or separateness. So, realise, that we are one, and separate, at the same time. That's absolute and relative truth; both are true at the same time. Aply!
Aply the concept of two truths to have peace in the world (transmit awareness). Om Shanti Ananda hung.

2. Brahmacarya

Is religion pathological? (Freud). No! True religion has the function of restoring natural order. It converts Eros to Psyche, when there is a one-sidedness. This restoring is Brahmacarya. This is not the absence of Eros, but a symmetry (equality) of Eros and Psyche (body and mind/spirit). Brahmacarya is the obeying of Heaven/God/Tao; to live in natural order. This is what the world needs.

Inner happiness is independent. So, independency should be part of rearing and education. If you love your children and want them to be happy, make them independent. The greatest gift (of love) is to help someone to be independent.

The four forms applied to the global heat phenomenon.

In this time of heat we should not go delusional; in Heavens name keep your common sense. To help we'll look at the four forms of phenomena on Earth:
1 great yang: natural
2 little yang: mixed - more natural than artificial
3 little yin: mixed - more artificial that natural
4 great yin: artificial

At this moment i think it's possibly a little yang phenomena. That means it's a combination of natural climate change and human (bad) behaviour. In this way we are being confronted with our bad behaviour. We should try to change in the best way possible. Hope it helps :-)

Why is Brahma not worshipped?

Brahma is, and is not, worshipped. According to Ramanuja (and some others) there is only one God.

We will only try to answer "why not?".
Sat is awareness, seeing, Dharma.
Chit is consciousness, intellect, thinking.
Ananda is bliss, enlightenment, liberation (Moksha).

The non-worship of Brahma is, because of Shiva.
Brahma is the great unknown, comparable to (Buddhist) Dharmakaya. There is nothing to be worshipped (no form). The highest to be worshipped in the world is Shiva (sun). So, truly Shiva is the highest (visible) God to be worshipped in India!

What is above God-awareness-Shiva?
The Great Unknown, Brahma.
What is above awareness (seeing) is intuition-Heaven-Creation-energy (force)= invisible! Shiva-sun= visible! The invisible is not worshipped!

So, it is important to notice, that the visible is being WORSHIPPED, and that we are AWARE of the invisible.

So, we worship Shiva, and are aware of Brahma. Murugan and Ganesha, being sons of Shiva, are also worshipped first.

Brahma is non-doing, Sahaja, Wu Wei (taoism).
Shiva is aware of Brahma (yoga).
Vishnu worships Shiva= religion.
Krishna brings bliss, enlightenment and liberation.

What does this mean for the human?

Act accordingly to this. Be non-doing, aware, worshipping and helping/guiding.

1 Brahma: non-doing
2 Shiva: aware
3 Vishnu: worshipping
4 Krishna: helping/guiding


Aware of the invisible we worship the visible.
Both are God!

If we, the believers, the Sangha (Vishnu, indirect visible), worship Shiva (visible), while being aware of Brahma (invisible), we will be liberated by Krishna (temporary visible).
So, this all is actually the worship of Krishna, called "Krishna-consciousness".

One God only.

Om Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna :-)

Just a quick note;

Bagua and fire fighting, an example of how to use an universal model to invent methods for counteracting natural disasters.

Let's apply the Bagua to categorize fires and counteractions. This should be done by the fire fighters; i'll try to put you on the track. The Bagua has eight so called trigram's, so it's a so called ogdoas, a unity (also sort of mandala, circle, if you draw it) of eight parts. Four of these parts are yang, male, energetic, and four parts are yin, female, material. So, the first thing to notice, concerning fires, would be, that there are eight categories of fires. Four categories of fires are yang, energetic, four are yin, material. So we have total eight categories of fires. Fire fighting methods should correspond with these eight categories. Also, these eight are four pairs. These four pairs are four levels. And so, you could also speak about fires on four levels. Level one fires are of Heaven and Earth, energy-matter. Level two fires are of fire (sun) and water (fluid), level three fires are of wind and thunder (air), level four fires are of lake (ocean, heaping, brooding) and mountain (houses, buildings). Some of these things should be recognizable. I do not know exactly what kind of fires these all are, but i'll do my best to identify some; maybe you can do better. First level: maybe fires with energetic cause, and field fires. Level two: sun/heat/dryness-related fires and (burning) fluid fires. Level three: wind/storm/movement-related and air/wood related fires. Level four: brooding- and house/building fires.
Level one, Heaven-Earth: maybe glowing fire, that can be extinguished with EARTH.
Level two, Fire-Water: sun/heat/dryness related, extinguished with WATER.
level three, Wind-Thunder: penetrating and spreading and air related; extinguished by suffocation or shock wave, THUNDER!!!
level four, Lake-Mountain: maybe brooding; house and building related. extinguished by ???

Concerning level four:
See how we extinguish on three levels; what do you notice?
Earth, water and thunder, that's earth, water and gas. So that's aggregation states; so the fourth should be, fourth aggregation state, which is? Well, that must be something like plasma? And that's ionized gas, if i remember well. How to use that, to extinguish fire, i don't know (maybe pulsed shockwave?); this has to be solved by your scientists :-) So, that's all i can do now, for the time being, the rest is up to you. I hope it helps.

So, looking around i see classes are being used.
There are four classes of fires, based on aggregation state; that's the right model to be used.

Worldwide heatwave and the coming Kingdom of God
(Gaia) (Revelation)

At 27 juli 2018 we had the longest Lunar eclipse of this century. Seen over the world, except for North America (!).
I just saw the last part of it; after that, something else drew my attention. I saw the Moon straight above planet Mars.
It looked like Moon, Mars and Earth were on one line. Let's call it a conjunction. Both the planet and the Moon were in opposition to the Sun, according to my star-guide (book). Now, let's see which hexagram this is. Mars-Moon=Earth-Water (based on bagua solar system model). In the I Ching, book of changes this is hexagram number 8, union, solidarity. Another phenomenon that we saw, and experienced, is the worldwide heatwave, and the "burned" grass. The next conjunction is of 14 august, Venus-Moon=Thunder-Water.
Thunder means gras! It's hexagram 3, difficulty at start. Looks like birth. After hexa's Heaven and Earth there is difficulty at start (birth). Revelation tells us the world is pregnant and will give birth. That's the coming of the Kingdom of God. So does the worldwide heatwave, and the burned gras, show the coming of the Kingdom of God? Does Thunder also connect to Onam? Thunder means gras; rice is a sort of gras. Onam is about harvest of rice. Then Onam could also relate to coming Kingdom of God. Revelation also speaks about harvest. (archetypes, synchronicity etc.)

My experience with the Shani mantra.

The Shani mantra is powerful and worked very well for me; it confronted me with part of my shadow, in this case, my distrust of people. This is what happened:
A channel at Youtube streamed a live video with the Shani mantra, with top chat. After that there remained a two hour video, for some time. I shared that video at Facebook. Next day it was gone, removed from Youtube. I felt irritated (a little bit rationally angry), i even unsubscribed (resubscribed, of course).
I think, i blamed the channel owner for my own mistake. What happened (although that is much said), he streamed an old video of 2017! In a better mood, working in the garden, i thought about asking to post a short version of the video. But looking for the video first, i discovered the old one of 2017, yes, the one that was streamed of course. Then, with some shame, i realised my mistake. And i also realised the oppertunity to witness of this little incident; That Shani is really powerful.
Trust on Self :-)

Shani is the Spirit of Truth (Vishnu). Saturn is Vaikuntha; the ring (Sudarshana) is diamond awareness, cutting through ignorance.

Other mantra (not the one in the video):

Om kaakadhwajaaya vidmahae
khadga hastaaya dheemahi
tanno mandah prachodayaat

Om, Let me meditate on him who has crow in his flag, Oh, He who has a sword in his hand, give me higher intellect, And let Saneeswara illuminate my mind.

Do not push yourself, or others, beyond capability, but:

1 fullfill your life purpose, moral duty,
2 within your capability,
3 then cooperate,
4 help and guide others.

So, help and guide others, fullfilling your life purpose, moral duty, within capability.

What is the greatest gift?
What you want most, is the greatest gift.
If you only want things, you'll become a thief (prisoner); if you give, you'll be free. Also, you need somebody to give to; how can you be happy alone?

The eight gems of Buddhism

1 Buddha - Heaven
2 Dharma - Fire
3 Sangha - Wind
4 Ananda - Lake

5 "Receptivity" - Earth - female (aspect of) Buddha?
6 "Care" - Water - Buddhist term for care?
7 "Love" - Thunder - Buddhist term for love?
8 Shanti - Mountain (Buddhist term for peace/sheltering?)

Please help with the right terms for 5,6 and 7; please propose some (Buddhist) terms.

For those that are aware, there is nothing to do.

Praise God, all Glory to God.

The Holy Spirit manifests the following liberating teaching, for all that want to hear.
A teaching for all, about intention and prayer, that leads to liberation.
Intention and prayer.
Now, i will testify about what i once did.
I talked to God Almighty. I spoke. I told God my sincere intention, of being good, forever. I kept on repeating it, with great believe and sincerity. Then i prayed, that God Almighty helps me to stick to that forever; and that God Almighty draws me back whenever needed, when weak, or falling back. Today, the Holy Spirit lets me realize that any human acting as such will be saved; and that such behavior will be the most important act in your existence; and that such an act will, ultimately, remove all bad karma; that this even surpasses Kriya-yoga. How wonderful. So, as a human, do not miss this unique chance!

Praise God, all Glory to God. Amen, Aum, Halleluja :-)

P.s.: spread this teaching (good karma!) ; pray: please, dear God, that is in Heaven, protect, and restore natural order,
in those that read this, and are taking it serious. Amen, Aum, Halleluja.

All good things come from the awareness of God, or, being aware of God.
Awareness is always the answer. If you are in conflict with somebody, raise consciousness. If two persons, in a relation, are truly aware, then there is no place for conflict. Awareness dissolves conflict. How can i become aware? Answer is: Obey Heaven, God, Tao; and secondly, take care of Mother Earth.


1 Great Yang: same and meaning
2 Little Yang: different and meaning
3 Little Yin: same and no meaning
4 Great Yin: different and no meaning

The four forms of transmitting awareness

Inside help, guidance and teaching; the static and dynamic, the forms of, and the ways of, transmitting awareness.
The four forms - relative static (more relating to the helper/guide/teacher)

Great Yang: mostly hard
Little Yang: more hard than soft
Little Yin: more soft than hard
Great Yin: mostly soft

The ways - relative dynamic (more relating to the one being helped/guided/taught)
The ways/methods correspond to the trigrams and levels, and to condition (diagnose) and circumstances. This also includes the level of awareness in the one being helped/guided/taught.

Awareness and a cup of tea, is how enlightened you can be.
It's just a matter of awareness over mind.

Indian astrology

Just a quick note on Hindu astrology.
I have not much to say, but it could be interesting.
I will only do a quick comparison of a Hindu astrology model (psychic - and destiny numbers) on internet with Bagua Solar System (planets), and Hindu deities (Gods and Goddesses).
Not a long story, only results;
Nine numbers (psychic and destiny):

Numbers - elements - deities
1 Sun - Fire - Shiva
2 Moon (Earth) - Water - Parvati
3 Jupiter - Lake - Krishna
4 Rahu-
5 Mercury - Mountain - Radha
6 Venus - Thunder - Laksmi
7 Ketu
8 Saturn - Wind - Vishnu
9 Mars - Earth - Saraswati

Sofar, the objective, logical comparison, based on available info.
You notice Mars is Earth element, because Mars is in the Earth position in the Bagua Solar System.
Rahu and Ketu are not planets but Moon nodes.

Now, let's put it in chronology of cyclical Bagua;
1 Sun - Fire - Shiva
8 Saturn - Wind - Vishnu
3 Jupiter - Lake - Krishna
9 Mars - Earth - Saraswati
2 Moon (Earth) - Water - Parvati
6 Venus - Thunder - Laksmi
5 Mercury - Mountain - Radha

As you notice Neptune and Uranus are missing.
Because of that, Heaven Brahma is missing; Fire, belonging to Uranus is not missing, because of Sun.

So, Neptune - Heaven - Brahma is added at the top.
And Sun is replaced by Uranus.

And now there is only one problem left, the numbering.
There are two ways of numbering; around the circle, and up and down, yang-yin numbering.
Numbering around does not correspond with the existing numbers in the astrological system we used. Yang-Yin or Heaven-Earth numbering has two correspondences, and Heaven being added would get number one. Yang-yin numbering is the right choice.

The new, corrected, astronomical/astrological model, with yang-yin numbers, will be;

1 Neptune - Heaven - Brahma
3 Uranus - Fire - Shiva
5 Saturn - Wind - Vishnu
7 Jupiter - Lake - Krishna
2 Mars - Earth - Saraswati
4 Moon (Earth) - Water - Parvati
6 Venus - Thunder - Laksmi
8 Mercury - Mountain - Radha

or in pairs:

1 Neptune - Heaven - Brahma
2 Mars - Earth - Saraswati

3 Uranus - Fire - Shiva
4 Moon (Earth) - Water - Parvati

5 Saturn - Wind - Vishnu
6 Venus - Thunder - Laksmi

7 Jupiter - Lake - Krishna
8 Mercury - Mountain - Radha

The Sun is an important part of astrology, is now missing. So, we add the sun as the ninth. That means that the sun is not part of the eight, the Ogdoas. So the Ogdoas plus the Sun forms the Ennead.

Exposing the Mangal Dosha fraud and a cup of tea

Mangal Dosha? Really?
So, here we go. What is Mangal Dosha. I'm an outsider and new to the topic; and so my knowledge of it is extremely limited. But, don't worry.

I will try to say something useful, or at least something that could make u re-think the matter.

Lets keep it as simple as possible:

If i understand, then Mangal Dosha is something like a negative influence relating to "Mars", in Indian astrology.

Let's have a general and more specific look at it. First general.
If we assume planets to have influence then it can be positive, neutral or negative. This sounds like guna's.

Above guna is no influence, or better, it means purity.

In the Bagua Solar System the eight planets represent the eight elements. Six of them come from Heaven-Brahma and Earth-Saraswati. These six are called Brahman or the Creation. Or sometimes: Sat, Chit, Ananda. This corresponds with Shiva, Vishnu and Krishna. And that's Fire, Wind and Lake. The yins being Water-Parvati, Thunder-Laksmi and Mountain-Radha. These six differ from Heaven and Earth having a mix of Yang and Yin lines. Mixed means being impure. So, only Heaven and Earth are pure, both having three the same lines.

Now, Heaven is Neptune, and Earth is Mars, in the Bagua Solar System.

Pay attention now; MARS IS EARTH! EARTH IS PURE!

Mangal Dosha? Really? (You must be kidding :-))

"Religion is organised superstition"

I'm not an atheist; i'm not only rationalist. I try to prevent being one sided. According to Freud, religion looks pathological, especially the rituals. Carl Jung is known to be more "positive" about religion, or better, religious feelings. I think religion should be seen as a mixed bag. It's like pathology and medicine in one. And also organised religion looks like having a control agenda. I also notice that religion has been a male governing from the beginning. It's amazing to see that "male" religions can be so one sided. There has been a long time of relative unawareness of the female in organised religion. But religion is spiritual, and so male? True believe, or morality is not only male. It includes the female. There is not only male reason, and sense, but also female feeling and intuition. Looks like we still need some more emancipation. Actually we have to become more aware. This awareness, in both the male and female is the integration of these four psychological functions. All this happens in us. Inside. As far as this has to be organised, i have to do that myself, inside of me. And although i'm ready to help and guide others, the other has to do that him or herself. The title above was a statement made by an Indian rational judge (Jahagirdar), found, when i put it in a search engine.


Negativity is the argument for positivity. Darkness is the argument to put on a light. Lying and cheating is the argument to look for the truth.
False arguments are the argument for new true arguments :-)

For the ones that are ready: on a higher level, do not have arguments at all :-)

An Eternal Relation can neither be gained nor lost.

1 knowledge
2 insight
3 teaching
4 bliss

5 gut feeling
6 inner hearing
7 worship
8 peace

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