Collected and commented by BrahmAhUM

Collected and commented by BrahmAhUM


                                                  5th of March 2009.

This article is about the situation we're in. Most of us being unconscious of it.

I mean, humanity, the whole planet Earth, is under control of something or somebody. I have chosen to call it ATMOSPHERICAL ENTITIES (AE's), because it is somebody or something in our atmosphere that is controlling us, I mean influencing and/or manipulating us. First lets look at the term entities; By that I mean things, objects or beings. What is inside our heads is subjects, but outside is objects. These AE's people see, behave sometimes as living beings. AE's in the sky behaving like living beings are not necessarily biological entities, but could be. More important is their influence on living beings, people as well as animals. So, we have an influence on us, by AE's in the atmosphere, that could be only a physical phenomenon or something with consciousness behind it. In case of a physical phenomenon, the psyche of the experiencer could play a role in an object-brain link. Of course this situation can be more complex, with more parameters. Secondly I want to mention that what is called the devil. In my opinion the devil is a psychological phenomenon, called projection of the shadow; shadow meaning: bad habits. Looks like the AE's want us to believe that the devil(human shadow) is behind all manipulations. And most people believe that; how comfortable. Thirdly, in some countries exists the socalled "DISCLOSURE PROJECT" in which military and government witnesses provide testimony on the AE's presence. You hear them saying it's real and that they were asked to lie about it to the people. Even without that kind of projects there still remains enough evidence of a presence of AE's in our atmosphere.

Now lets stop counting and just go on...ROSWELL; what about that?

I don't know what you think about it, but I know that countless things are associated with that case. There are a couple of hundred witnesses that talk about seeing AE's before, during and after the crashes and seeing corpses. Some even helped with the recovery. After that, material of the crashes was used in all kinds of secret projects(Colonel Philip J. Corso: Day After Roswell).

On 1994 Jose Escamilla discovered RODS at Midway, New Mexico, located nine miles southeast of Roswell. He later called his site Roswellrods. And that's AE's on video frames. I'm sure these rods are like the AE's called Jellyfish.

So, what do we have? AE's, UFO's, Rods or Skyfish, Jellyfish, Parachutes, Umbrella, "Portuguese man-of-war or warship(Physalia physalis)", Atmospheric animals(Trevor James Constable), etc. They have cables, stalks, tubes, antennas, rods, filaments, appendages underneath. Sometimes little men come down these cables to catch men, or people get hurt or

die, like in the Brasilian cases; da Silva case(1), Colares case(2). I think the Brasilian cases, especially Colares, are most important, the real stuff. Read about it and you will have a very clear picture of what is going on. You have socalled ALIEN ABDUCTIONS; Professor John Mack(Harvard) writing about it, saying it's something real, abductees are not crazy, there's surely something going on; Karla Turner and others have also written books about it.

These AE's are seen in cigar/cylindrical/rod form or circular/saucer shaped. Some saw them changing form. In some cases abductees are not abducted IN an AE, but have the feeling of being drawn upwards. On a Russian photograph of an AE you can see the object attracting water, the water going upwards to the AE. AE's have been seen on many occasions before ANGEL HAIR came down. Angel Hair can be seen on clear days near the sun(use welding glasses). When it comes down it gives of a little bit bluish white light, that disappears by touching. Under the microscope I saw one thread being hundreds of threads, like others saw too. This stuff can be very static, making people sick and animals die. Possibly living beings are under the influence of electrical fields when AE's appear. Maybe a link exists between the AE and the brain(Albert Budden). When the AE is linked to the brain through the magnetic field, illusions, hallucinations and projections can appear, the "victim" seeing things that are not really there, like in a fantasy or dream. But lets not forget that the object or phenomenon is real.

Some recent thoughts

I was thinking, this whole situation that humanity is in, reminds me of people in a sect. If humanity is really under control of AE's then we can compare that with people in a sect, because these AE's use all kind of tricks and MIND CONTROL to influence and manipulate us. Others are writing about this, most important Polish Professor Pajak(3). An important part of the mc. that's often mentioned lately, is "DIVIDE AND CONQUER". You should become very conscious about that, because the mc. depends heavily on it.


Removed some "foolish" things, so that only facts remain.

Changed "sun glasses" in "welding glasses", because sun glasses can still be a risk for your eyes when trying to look in the corona of the sun. Even with welding glasses, be VERY careful with your eyes!

(1) "The frightening attempted UFO abduction of Hermelindo da Silvaó1976" by

Brent Raynes

(2) http://ufologie.net/htm/colares.htm ;


(3) http://pajak.20m.com/jan_pajak.htm ; http://pajak.20m.com/index.htm

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