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(This is a republication of mei 2013 column, because of great importance.)

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††THE BAGUA SOLAR SYSTEM

A lot has been written about the Egyptian pyramids, but more is not always better. So, let's try to say something about the PYRAMIDS OF GIZEH that is useful. First of all, let's look at them, or just visualize them. And then I will tell what recently happened. I just wanted to update myself a little about Mars and the solar system. So, I looked around on the net for news about Mars. Looked at new pictures of different projects. Looked at the "frozen" lakes on Mars, dust devils(!), global dust storm, and a "thing" at a pond that looks like a sea turtle; someone had put a balloon in the picture with: "What's this?!". Well, the answer is: "It's something that looks like a sea turtle". Just one example of

more unexplained objects on Mars. The video's with the, more-than-one, dust devils is a must see. It's a lot of dust devils for a frozen planet! It makes you think. Also Marsian clouds on video; isn't that interesting. I was looking in China for Mars. While searching in a book, I found that MARS is associated with SOUTH; keep that in mind. Then I was thinking about Egypt and Mars. Thinking about Gizeh. I asked myself, and said it loudly, "What are those pyramids showing us?", "It's an image of something", "The most important question is, what is it an expression of, WHAT IS IT AN IMAGE OF?". Then, directly after that, THUNDER was sounding in the SOUTH. Exactly when I asked that question. Please understand, that that's not the first time this was happening, it happened before, thunder at a very specific moment, with meaning. So, it was like somebody wanted to stress that question. Conclusion, those three pyramids are an image of something important, that's what it is all about. We must try to understand what it is. Of course I'm not telling this only because of that thunder clap. I already had some thoughts about it. But that thunder clap forced me to think harder about it. I don't want to disappoint anyone; I don't have much information, but I think what I have is useful. So, I'm just going to give it, and then you can do with it what ever you want. The reason I do this is because I think there are some outside that can use this information and do something useful with it. It's difficult to reproduce exactly what I ever thought about it, but I'll do my best. Long time ago when I was going to school, I used to read scientific books and think a lot about the things in those books. The first time I read about the sons of HoRus(Mars) I thought they came from China. Just a thought, I did not know where it came from. After that, when growing older, I always had it in the back of my head. They always say that the first thought is right, and this one, after all those years looks right. Now I would say, a little more careful, there is an Egypt-China link. I always had a strong interest for China. I was fascinated with the I Ching. It's that book that brought me on the idea that the three pyramids of Gizeh could be the three lines of the TRIGRAM OF HEAVEN. It's written that Gizeh is the place of CREATION. That sounds like an important place. Important objects then. So, it's not really strange to think that the pyramids is imaging creation or trigram of Heaven, is it? Have you seen the socalled Atlantis ring? Look at it very carefully. See, the ring shows two triangles on each side, with between, the trigram of Heaven between the trigram of Earth, forming the hexagram of HEAVEN ON EARTH. Wow! Even if that ring is a fake, it makes you think. Now, there is also a Djer Bracelet. That bracelet looks partly similar to the Atlantis ring. So, that's nice, although it doesn't prove the Atlantis ring to be authentic. Let's go on. I did calculate the ratio of THREE PLANETS(Mars, Earth, Venus), in relation to each other. I did find the same ratios between the three pyramids of Gizeh, wow!, what could that mean? And now...a really, really astonishing discovery. This you will surely not believe, no way. But I'm going to proof it.

How many planets does our SOLAR SYSTEM have? How many of those planets are together, forming a "meaningful" group? Well, obviously that meaningful group can only be eight planets. There are four big planets on the outside, and four little planets on the inside. We will call the big ones on the outside the YANG PLANETS, and the little planets on the inside the YIN PLANETS. Do you see the pattern? The four big ones on the outside: Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter; little ones on the inside: Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury. Yes? Now, what could that possibly be? I'm going to tell you what that is. It is what is called the BA GUA. What is the Ba Gua? The Ba Gua is the OGDOAD, meaning, the set of EIGHT, trigrams of the I Ching. Now lets look a little bit closer. We'll start with the Yang planets. Neptune=Heaven, Uranus=Fire, Saturn=Wind, Jupiter=Lake. This looks correct. Lets go on. The next should be Earth. Hmmm. That's not Earth, next to Jupiter! That's Mars, where Earth should be! So, Mars=Earth??? Then, Earth=Water, Venus=Thunder, Mercury=Mountain. So, what do we have here? A solar system that is a perfect image of the Ba Gua, except Earth and Mars? So, that's the Mars-and-Earth-in-the-wrong-place-mystery! Now, this urgently needs a linguistically explanation, or, those two planets have exchanged orbits. This is the moment I take a brake; it's almost to much for me...

Today it's 16 WIND 2015 in the seasonal calendar. I reread. What's the pyramids of Gizeh a picture of? Answer (thunder in South): It's an image of Earth, Venus and Mars. "Earth-Mars relation" is not an original, new thought anymore. More scientists thinking and writing about life coming from Mars. That's an interesting development of course. Needs more serious investigation. I'm thinking about this update and how I can convince you of the importance of forementioned information. Maybe I'm not able of doing that. There is one thing I want to emphasize. That's the fact that what you humans call planet Mars is actually red planet Earth and that what you humans call Earth is actually planet Aqua?, the Water planet. What's there more to say? You tell me!


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