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Door woorden alleen komt geen bevrijding, zoals ook geen kuiken komt uit een onbevrucht ei.

Words alone can not bring Liberation, like no chick can come from an unfertilized egg.


Realise that the I or Ego is a mind control product. Realise that the I or Ego is the Persona.


I/EGO: Reacts, restless, emotional, to external phenomena.

SELF: Doesn't react, is quiet, seems to know everything, understands, doesn't bother about anything.

I/EGO/PERSONA dissolves, is been integrated in the Self.
Result perceptible within days.

I flares up regular, OBSERVE IT.



Realiseer dat het Ik of Ego een conditioneringsprodukt is. Realiseer dat het Ik of Ego de Persona is.


IK/EGO: Reageert, rusteloos, emotioneel, op externe fenomenen.

ZELF: Reageert niet, is rustig, lijkt alles te weten, begrijpt, maakt zich nergens druk over.

IK/EGO/PERSONA lost op, wordt ge´ntegreert in het Zelf.
Resultaat binnen dagen merkbaar.

IK laait regelmatig op, OBSERVEER DAT.


Here ends the instructions/Hier eindigen de instructies. Follows comments/volgt commentaar.

Possible Questions/Mogelijke vragen 21-1-2011

Wat is de REGENBOOGLOTUS? What's the Rainbow Lotus?
Het is een nieuw multidimensionaal verenigend symbool. Het verenigd het symbool van regenboog en lotus Ún is ook een symbool voor ÚÚnheid zelf. Update: het is de Ba Gua.

It's a new multidimensional unifying symbol. It unites the symbol of the rainbow and the lotus and is also a symbol of unity itself. Update: It's the Ba Gua.

Wat is een conditioneringsprodukt? What's a mind control product?
Dat is een kunstmatige konstructie van hersenspoeling, een onderdeel van wereldwijde mind control van de mensheid. Hier een soort nepzelf. Een programma voor rollenspel in de plaats van leven. De hier bedoelde mind control is een be´nvloeding van de mensen door atmosferische entiteiten. Deze entiteiten lijken parasitair en leven van het "plagen van mensen". Waarneming van de "echte wereld" en de natuurlijke gaven van de mens worden hierdoor onderdrukt. Bevrijding vindt plaats door het oplossen van het IK/EGO.

It's an artificial construction through mind control, a part of worldwide mind manipulation of humanity. Here a sort of fake-self. A program for roll playing instead of living. The mind control used here means influencing of people by atmospherical entities. These entities resemble parasites and live of the "plaguing of humans". Perception of the "real world" and the natural gifts/abilities of humans are be´ng suppressed. Liberation finds place through the dissolving of the I/EGO.

Synoniemen voor bovengenoemde kunstmatige konstruktie in de menselijke psyche. Ook zijn dit oude psychoanalytische termen, teruggaand tot Sigmund Freud en Carl Jung, zijnde respectievelijk, Freud, de grondlegger van de psychoanalyse zoals bekend en Jung, baanbrekend onderzoeker van "te veel om op te noemen" onderwerpen op dieptepsychologisch vlak, psychologisch vergelijkend literatuur onderzoek, "ontdekker" van de archetypen en synchroniciteit, enzovoort.
Synonyms for above mentioned artificial construction in the human psyche. Also these are old psychoanalysis terms, going back to Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, being respectively, Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis as known and Jung, pioneering investigator of "to many to mention" subjects of depth psychology, psychological comparing literature investigation, "discoverer" of the archetypes and synchronicity, ect.

Hoe kan ik het IK en ZELF observeren en onderscheiden? How can I observe the I and SELF and
distinguish them?
Gebruik de omschrijving van IK en ZELF om deze te identificeren in je eigen gedachten. Observeer je eigen gedachten. Hoe reageer je op je omgeving? Allerlei negatieve, vijandige, in tegenstellingen beschouwende gedachten behoren tot het IK. Dat deel van je psyche dat rustig "meekijkt" in de achtergrond en zich schijnbaar nergens mee bemoeit, is je zelf. Zie het verschil. Wordt je er bewust van. Dan begint het IK op te lossen. Het IK lijkt heel volgzaam. Het begint het ZELF te volgen en gaat er steeds meer op lijken. Het ZELF neemt het over. Het IK wordt steeds meer in het ZELF ge´ntegreerd. Je wordt weer je zelf. Het is bevorderlijk het gebeuren uit te spreken, in woorden uit te drukken. Wees analytisch, denk er over na. Kom tot rust; heb vreugde in je hart en wordt ÚÚn met de Schepping :-)

Use de description of I and SELF for identifying these in your own thoughts. Observe your own thoughts. How do you react to your surrounding? All sorts of negative, hostile, in opposites thinking thoughts, belong to the I. That part of your psyche that's "looking" quietly in the background and is seemingly not interfering, is your SELF. See the difference. Become conscious of it. Then the I starts to dissolve. The I looks very docile.
Its starts to follow the SELF and begins to resemble it, more and more. The SELF takes lead. The I is becoming more integrated in the SELF. You become more yourself. It's useful to speak it out in words. Be analytical, think about it. Become restful; have joy in your hart and become one with Creation :-)

Possible problems or obstacles/mogelijke problemen of obstakels
Update: 17-04-2014
Well, well, well, if I read this back now, it surely looks like talking about the problem of EMOTIONS. I just read a book of one "Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche", a B÷n master, about Dzogchen and dream yoga. After reading a part I suddenly got some sort of insight and lost my emotions. I thought, this is it, emotions are the culprit. So, let's try something new. Before I tell my own thoughts, I tell my experience with a dream yoga exercise from the book. I tried to do it like in the book, but then let it manifest on it's own. When lying on bed, with eyes closed, on right side, I started visualizing, placing a red TiglÚ in the crown chakra and then dream, after that I placed an orange TiglÚ in the chakra on the forehead and dream, after that I placed a yellow TiglÚ in the throat and dream, after that a green TiglÚ in the heart chakra and dream, after that a light blue TiglÚ in the Solar Plexus and dream, after that an indigo TiglÚ under the navel chakra and dream, after that a purple TiglÚ at the Eros chakra and dream and after that a pink TiglÚ between the legs and dream. I had positive dreams in all dimensions. Some of those dreams contained memories of childhood.
This all happened in that one night. So far my one and only experience with dream yoga. Now I'm absolutely convinced that ALL EMOTIONS ARE HARMFUL. Hypothesis: Before the Ice age men walked partly on four under the trees and partly on two, during the Ice age men learned to WALK ON TWO continuously and became Neanderthals. When men started walking on two, EXTRAVERSION AND EMOTIONS appeared. Emotions are an Ice age relict. Try this: crawl on four, like a baby, what do you see?; then stand up, what happens now?, what's the difference? You experience a diastole of attention. Emotions are coupled to psychological orientation of introversion and extraversion. This diastolic orientation is the developing of emotions. These emotions are one with illness and neurosis. Emotions are magnetic. Through emotions one changes in an attaching magnet. Demagnetize yourself and be free. DISSOLVE all emotions. Men is a magnet through polarization, through emotions and psychological orientation to the outside or inside. That's the cause of illnesses and mental disorders.
Exercise for release of emotions: Sit in the sun without emotion. Just feel good, but without emotion. If you start to feel yoyful, you will become hot and sweat. Without emotion you're calm and satisfied; if emotions arise, observe and DISSOLVE them in clear space. Second exercise: listen to music without emotions. Third exercise: read Rense(or other news) without emotions. Now you can be moral without emotions; attention goes to functioning and being. Now we can transfer knowledge and insight and experience instead of doing long meditation. Be satisfied, feel good without emotions and without sweat. You can help others with liberation. Three groups to help or three aspects of helping; 1. learning(beta,thinking), 2. rearing(alpha, sense) and 3. care(theta, feeling). 1. Intelligent enough to understand and to be guided. 2. not intelligent enough for guidance, intelligent enough for rearing. 3. not intelligent enough for rearing, needs only care. Pay attention: like emotions appeared in prehistorical times when men started walking on two, likewise emotions appear when a child starts walking on two. That's your starting point for rearing. There's stil care too of course, so it's just the sharp point of the beginning of rearing. You observe if emotions appear, like a tantrum. Realise that before that everything is like reflexes. Now real emotions can appear. If care is the only option, then the only thing you can do is prevention. Prevent the situation that triggers the emotion. As soon as your child can understand, do exercises for removal of emotions; that's where rearing starts. As soon as your child is conscious enough to understand, teach how to dissolve emotions in clear space, use visualisation, be creative. Dissolving emotions is returning to the natural state. This all is a preliminary sketch.
The fourth group or aspect:
Update: 12-02-2015
The fourth group is the helpers/healers/guides, of course.

FIRST AID WITH EMOTIONS (delta, intuition)
Someone becomes emotional, what to do?
1. Tell that emotions are harmful.
2. Explain.
3. Propose an exercise (like sitting in the sun without emotions).
p.s.: the idea that all emotions are harmful could possibly meet some FREUDIAN RESISTANCE. Even if some people have dissolved their emotions in clear space, there would remain a lot of people that think that, socalled, human emotions are wonderful and we can not live without it and we wouldn't be human without them. It only needs the right information and some good exercises to know that life is much better without those harmful emotions. Once experienced real freedom, satisfaction, inner calmness, pure consciousness and natural bliss, you never want those ugly emotions back.

Update: 26-04-2014
After releasing emotions one could have the illusion that some emotion is still there. What has happened? First we must realise that dissolving emotions is a cognitive process. Emotion itself is also cognitive. What is being dissolved is yang, mental, psychological. There remains the yin, the bodily part of emotion, which is reflex. So you could say that emotion is reflex plus cognition. Dissolving the emotion in clear space means stopping the process of association, stop thinking about it. We take the energy out of the complex. Now, instead of an emotion you maybe feel something in your belly. It's a reflex, nothing more. This is my advise: continue dissolving. Then you will have less reflexes, till no reflexes remain. Of course that would be the ideal situation. The most important thing here is that you realise that after dissolving emotions one will still have some bodily reflexes from time to time. That's normal and one should just continue the dissolving in clear space. I found it necessary to place this update because one could make the mistake of still thinking one has emotions, while these are in reality bodily reflexes. So, it's wise to give this information to the one you teach to release emotions so that one is warned. Also realise that I write these things in the process of experimenting and experiencing, so, in future, corrections and additions are possible.

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