The true zen is not pathological.
Common Zense.
It's easy to be quiet while being silent, but, can you be quiet while talking?
Eros is cause of suffering.
It's easy to be quiet in a state of non-doing, but, can you be quiet in a state of doing?
I am the Amrita-River-Tree,
your body is a leaf of me.
I am the Amrita-River-Tree,
your soul is a fruit of me.
I am the Amrita-River-Tree,
your life is nectar of me.
Atachment is not good or bad out of itself, it's interdependent.
If you're not influenced by attachment, then it's non-attachment.
If you can teach about non-attachment, then practise it,
Then forget about it.
Helping becomes more efficient if you understand more and do less!
Doing will only increase the suffering of the ones you feel compassion for.
Stop doing instead of feeling compassion, practise non-doing.
If you put oil on the fire, you increase your karma; if you put water on the fire, it reduces your karma.
Take care of yourself and be free.
Take care of others and be blessed.
Take care of Earth and have peace.
Obey Heaven and have bliss.
What is true love?
Devotion and surrender to God.
God is Good.
Suffering is a lack of true love.
Etiology of suffering is sexual.
Predictability is based on the knowledge of correspondences.
Not becoming Bodhisattva or angel, but realising you are...
Manifestations in religion are psychological projections;
Leela of God is a play of the unconsciousness, an externalization of Self.
Try to remember that you were me, and I was you, and some others too.
Creation is the turning of the wheel of dharma.
Don't have any opinion, stick to truth only; never discuss.
See all as your own children.
We're all Gods eternal children.
God is our eternal caretaker.
God is our being, our existence.
Creation is the only process.
Male and female are not good or bad out of themselves, but interdependent.
Conflict is a natural tendency.
Man and wife are equal.
All humans are equal.
All are God.
All are unique individuals.
Contra-argument: you can not be God, because you can't do miracles.
Pro-argument: I can be god without doing miracles, as I can be human without playing the piano.
Seeing other humans as inferiour is an obstacle on the road to liberation.
If you don't realise that humans are equal, how can you realise that they are all God?
From where comes this realisation?
It's born from true love.
From where comes this true love?
It's born from Dharma.
From where comes Dharma?
It's born from Creativity.
Creation/manifestation is the origin of realisation, which results in bliss and peace.
There is no plural of God/Creation.
There are no Gods, only beings;
All processes is one process, is creation.
The only way to really know something about God is, that all humans stop sinning;
by the consequence of that act we will know God.
Creation is the Great Unknown.
Creation is the Great One.
No being is creation.
Creation brings forth all beings.
Talking about God(s), confuses people; certain beings profit of confusion.
Better only talk about creation.
Creation is eternal, unlimited.
Creation is neither a person, nor a god.
Creation is the only eternal proces.
Any, socalled, god, depends on creation.
All beings depend on creation.
"One God", means, "Creative Force".
This creates linguistic confusion.
Creation is an expression of Eternal Beauty.
This self-realisation is the pure consciousness, like a crystal clear-pool-mind;
The non-realisation is more like a muddy-pool-mind.
Creation is energy.
To much energy is suffering.
To much energy is to much doing.
Solution: less doing, then, non-doing=Wu Wei.
Life is a Koan.
Koan: Can you carry yourself? (1)
Today, Heaven is on Earth;
It's the pure Light;
It produces Wind;
My breathing becomes one with the Wind;
You try to lay your spirit on me,
But, the spirit is already inside of me;
Your touch is soft like the clouds,
My thoughts are like water,
I am a leaf;
The ancestral spirits carry me;
Today Heaven is on Earth,
I kindle the inner Light.

(1) Yes, if you realise, you're an angel.

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